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v1.4.3 Migration Guide

In v1.4.3, we introduced a unified Vector Store node.


Previously, users would have to create 2 flows to perform upsert and query:
  • Upsert:
  • Load Existing:
With the current technique, there are 2 drawbacks:
  • additional LLM call will need to be made in order for the upsert to happen
  • any slight changes will caused the flow to be upserted again


Now, user can just use one node to accomplish all:
Users now have the option to manually kickoff the upsert by clicking the green button at the top right:
It comes with the new API - /api/v1/vector/upsert:
In future, we will be rolling out feature for querying, deleting indexes. This is the first step towards a more flexible way of performing vector-related operations. We strongly recommend users to update to the new nodes.