1. Click the following prebuilt template

  2. Click Deploy Now

  1. Change to your preferred repository name and click Deploy

  1. If succeeds, you should be able to see a deployed URL

  1. To add authorization, navigate to Variables tab and add:



  1. There are list of env variables you can configure. Refer to Environment Variables

That's it! You now have a deployed Flowise on Railway πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Persistent Volume

The default filesystem for services running on Railway is ephemeral. Flowise data isn’t persisted across deploys and restarts. To solve this issue, we can use Railway Volume.

To ease the steps, we have a Railway template with volume mounted: https://railway.app/template/nEGbjR

Just click Deploy and fill in the Env Variables like below:

  • DATABASE_PATH - /opt/railway/.flowise

  • APIKEY_PATH - /opt/railway/.flowise

  • LOG_PATH - /opt/railway/.flowise/logs

  • SECRETKEY_PATH - /opt/railway/.flowise

  • BLOB_STORAGE_PATH - /opt/railway/.flowise/storage

Now try creating a flow and save it in Flowise. Then try restarting service or redeploy, you should still be able to see the flow you have saved previously.

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