v1.3.0 Migration Guide

In v1.3.0, we introduced Credentials.

Credentials allow user to store all 3rd party API keys into database, and can be easily reused on respective nodes, without having to copy pasting every time.

Credentials are encrypted by an encryption key created using a passphrase. Only user who has access to the key can encrypt/decrypt the credentials. Furthermore, decrypted credentials will never get sent back to client to avoid network spoofing.

Below are a few important guides to help you migrate to v1.3.0:

  1. Set PASSPHRASE env variable. This is used to generate an encryption key used to encrypt/decrypt your credentials

  2. Set SECRETKEY_PATH env variable. To persist your encryption key, specify the location where encryption key is being saved.

A typical .env file should looks like this:

  1. Node version. There will be warning message shown on the top right side of a node if the version is outdated. This means there is a new changes on the node, and you should delete and re-add it from the menu list.

That's it! Let us know if you've come across with any issues. Happy upgrading!

Watch how you can setup credential on Flowise

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