Conversational Retrieval QA Chain

A chain for performing question-answering tasks with a retrieval component.


A retrieval-based question-answering chain, which integrates with a retrieval component and allows you to configure input parameters and perform question-answering tasks. Retrieval-Based Chatbots: Retrieval-based chatbots are chatbots that generate responses by selecting pre-defined responses from a database or a set of possible responses. They "retrieve" the most appropriate response based on the input from the user. QA (Question Answering): QA systems are designed to answer questions posed in natural language. They typically involve understanding the question and searching for or generating an appropriate answer.




Return Source Documents

To return citations/sources that were used to build up the response

System Message

An instruction for LLM on how to answer query

Chain Option

Method on how to summarize, answer questions, and extract information from documents. Read more




Final node to return response

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