Threads is only used when an OpenAI Assistant is being used. It is a conversation session between an Assistant and a user. Threads store messages and automatically handle truncation to fit content into a model’s context.

Separate conversations for multiple users

UI & Embedded Chat

By default, UI and Embedded Chat will automatically separate threads for multiple users conversations. This is done by generating a unique chatId for each new interaction. That logic is handled under the hood by Flowise.

Prediction API

POST /api/v1/prediction/{your-chatflowid}, specify the chatId . Same thread will be used for the same chatId.

    "question": "hello!",
    "chatId": "user1"

Message API

  • GET /api/v1/chatmessage/{your-chatflowid}

  • DELETE /api/v1/chatmessage/{your-chatflowid}

You can also filter via chatId - /api/v1/chatmessage/{your-chatflowid}?chatId={your-chatid}

All conversations can be visualized and managed from UI as well:

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