Upstash Vector


  1. Sign up or Sign In to Upstash Console

  2. Navigate to Vector page and click Create Index

  3. Do the necessary configurations and create the index.

    1. Index Name, name of the index to be created. (e.g. "flowise-upstash-demo")

    2. Dimensions, size of the vectors to be inserted in the index. (e.g. 1536)

    3. Embedding Model, the model to be used in Upstash Embeddings. This is optional. If you enable it, you don't need to provide embeddings model.


  1. Get your index credentials

  1. Create new Upstash Vector credential and fill in

    1. Upstash Vector REST URL from UPSTASH_VECTOR_REST_URL on console

    2. Upstash Vector Rest Token from UPSTASH_VECTOR_REST_TOKEN on console

  1. Add a new Upstash Vector node to canvas

  1. Add additional nodes to canvas and start the upsert process

    • Document can be connected with any node under Document Loader category

    • Embeddings can be connected with any node under Embeddings category

  1. Verify from Pinecone dashboard to see if data has been successfully updated:

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