Upsert embedded data and perform similarity search upon query using Pinecone, a leading fully managed hosted vector database.


  1. Register an account for Pinecone

  2. Click Create index

  1. Fill in required fields:

    • Index Name, name of the index to be created. (e.g. "flowise-test")

    • Dimensions, size of the vectors to be inserted in the index. (e.g. 1536)

  1. Click Create Index


  1. Get/Create your API Key

  1. Add a new Pinecone node to canvas and fill in the parameters:

    • Pinecone Index

    • Pinecone namespace (optional)

  1. Create new Pinecone credential -> Fill in API Key

  1. Add additional nodes to canvas and start the upsert process

    • Document can be connected with any node under Document Loader category

    • Embeddings can be connected with any node under Embeddings category

  1. Verify from Pinecone dashboard to see if data has been successfully upserted:


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