1. Register an account on SingleStore

  2. Login to portal. On the left side panel, click CLOUD -> Create new workspace group. Then click Create Workspace button.

  1. Select cloud provider and data region, then click Next:

  1. Review and click Create Workspace:

  1. You should now see your workspace created:

  1. Proceed to create a database

  1. You should be able to see your database created and attached to the workspace:

  1. Click Connect from the workspace dropdown -> Connect Directly:

  1. You can specify a new password or use the default generated one. Then click Continue:

  1. On the tabs, switch to Your App, and select Node.js from the dropdown. Take note/save the Username, Host, Password as you will need these in Flowise later.

  1. Back to Flowise canvas, drag and drop SingleStore nodes. Click Create New from the Credentials dropdown:

  1. Put in the Username and Password from above:

  1. Then specify the Host and Database Name:

  1. Now you can start upserting data with SingleStore:

  1. Navigate back to SingleStore portal, and to your database, you will be able to see all the data that has been upserted:

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